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YOUR Stories and Belief of an After Life

I am sitting, quiet
Quiet that can be felt
A mild breeze from a slightly opened window
It touches my arm
Does anyone know how calm I am
Can anyone hear how calm I am
I am listening and waiting
A feeling of wanting is what I am
I’ve said ‘Mom’ and I am quiet
I am quiet and I am calm and waiting
The breeze is stronger and I am calm
My memory allows me to smell her
She had her life, and I had my life
But I miss her in my life
Oh I remember, I closed that window an hour ago

Nancy   written 11-15-2010
(Betty Berens 11-4-24 to 6-1-09)

In April of 2009 my mother passed away and I didn't come to you for a reading at that time because she was always so against my having readings with you.  She was positive that I was not communicating with my father.  I decided nothing would come of trying to hear from  her.    Months later after receiving a notice of your Radio Talk Show, out of the blue, I decided to tune into your show.    You can imagine my shock when I sat here listening to my mother, appearing before you, telling me to pick up the phone and call in.   I was so shocked  I could barely talk.  It was wonderful to have her tell me it was true, that she and my dad were together again and so very happy.
      Recently  I had a falling out with my daughter and I suddenly felt so lost.  I sat alone talking to my mother asking her to Please find a way to let me know she was there for me.  I  needed her so badly.      The very next morning I received a phone call from you stating that I was on your mind and you wanted to know if everything was alright.     Goose bumps came rushing up my neck as I realized that she had chosen you to go through again to let me know that indeed  she had heard me and was there for me with her love.

     Nancy,  Your Gift Is Amazing.       Thank you,  Thank you so much.               Elois
Do You Want To Believe?

In 1972, six days after my tenth birthday, my mother was killed. The loss was sudden and unexpected. The following years were not easy, and I never got over my mother’s death. Many times I would sit quietly and try to feel her presence. Sometimes I thought I could, but I was never really sure. Although I believed in life in the spirit form, I couldn’t know for sure, and I really wanted to know if she still existed in spirit.

In October 2002 I picked up a book written by a popular psychic. I couldn’t put it down. When I finished it, I tried everything I could to sign up for a seminar, but they were booked and not taking any new sign ups. I then thoroughly researched all of California for a psychic that was highly regarded and reputable. I am an attorney, with lots of life experience, and I was very wary of phony psychics. All of the research kept coming back to one person: Nancy Matz. I resolved to have a reading with Nancy.

I went to a psychic faire around November 2002. I was very self conscious about it and did not want to be recognized. I was afraid someone I knew would see me and I would be labeled as being some sort of a flake or a crack-pot. I did not want that type of rumor to get out and to ruin my law practice. The psychic faire was in a town about 45 minutes away. On the way there, I talked to my mom. I told her that I was going to see Nancy Matz, and that I was going to try to communicate with her through Nancy. I told her that I knew I had made a lot of mistakes in my life, but that I had always wondered whether she would have been proud of me anyway. I asked her to let me know whether she was proud of me, despite all of my mistakes.

I sat in the parking lot of the psychic faire for a long time getting up the courage to go in. I finally went in and found Nancy at a table, doing readings. I deliberately gave her as little information as possible because I wanted to make sure that she was legitimate and that she wasn’t just repeating things that I said. I wanted to know, for sure, whether there really was a spirit world, and whether Nancy really could communicate with that world. I told her that my mother had died thirty years ago. She asked my mother’s first name, and I told her "Mary". After that, Nancy described my mother’s appearance and personality to me, and told me how my mother died. She was extremely accurate in her descriptions. It was totally uncanny. She knew that my mother had died suddenly, in a car accident. At the end of the reading, I asked if my mother had a message for me. Nancy paused for a minute and was very quiet as she listened to the spirit side. Then she said: "She wants you to know that she’s proud of you." I will never forget that statement as long as I live. That was my validation. If Nancy were trying to make something up, she would have said that my mother loves me, or that she’s watching over me, or something like that. At no time had I told Nancy about my wanting to know if my mother was proud of me. In that one short sentence, in that one brief moment in time, Nancy confirmed for me what I had agonized over for 30 years. Now I knew for certain: There is a spirit world and our loved ones are okay. There is no doubt. It is a fact.

I continued obtaining readings from Nancy over the years, and continued to receive information that Nancy could not have possibly known or made up. She is able to describe the appearance and personality of friends and family who have died, as well as people who I ask about who are alive. All I have to do is give her a first name and she is able to communicate with them. I have had separate validation in virtually every reading she has done. For example, a couple of months after the first reading, I had another one. This time, Nancy did the reading over the phone, which she does just as well as the readings in person. Before the reading I told my mom that I was going to make the validation a little harder this time. I told her that the first validation could have been coincidence, so I was going to come up with one that could not possibly be coincidence. I told my mom that her favorite flower had been a purple iris, so I wanted my mom to say something about a purple iris. I then decided that would be too hard, and I asked my mom just to say something about the color purple or about an iris. At the end of the reading, I asked Nancy if my mom had a message for me. Nancy said, "Well, she’s planting today". I said "Planting? What do you mean planting? Just ask her if she has a message for me. She’s supposed to have a message for me." Nancy said, "Well, she’s not saying anything. She’s on her knees planting, and she’s smiling. She’s very happy. She’s planting something, and it’s all in rows." I asked what she was planting, and Nancy said, "Well, I’m not a gardener, and I don’t know flowers very well, but if I had to guess, I’d guess they were purple irises." The irises were, of course, purple.

Several months later I took my older daughter with me to a reading. I asked Nancy about my younger daughter who was not there. Nancy told me that my younger daughter wanted a radio. This was the first I’d heard of it, and I thought this was very strange. I asked what Nancy was talking about, what did my daughter mean, and Nancy said, "I don’t know. I just asked your daughter, and she keeps telling me that she wants a radio. You should get her a radio. You know, a radio for her to listen to in her room." When we picked up my younger daughter after the reading, the very first thing she said when she got in the car was, "Mom, could I have a radio?" My older daughter and I were totally astounded. I asked her what she wanted a radio for, and she said she wanted to listen to it in her room.

Last year my uncle passed away. He was married to my aunt, who is my mom’s sister. I arranged for Nancy to do a reading for my aunt. During the reading, Nancy described my aunt’s grandfather, and he told Nancy to tell my aunt "Hello, Sunshine!" My aunt later told me that her grandfather used to call her and my mom "Sunshine"—it was his special nickname for them. My aunt did not tell this to Nancy.
At my uncle’s funeral, I drove my aunt in the lead vehicle in the procession. It was in a small town, and my uncle was a veteran, so a police officer drove ahead of us and blocked the intersections, stopping traffic to allow the procession to go through. I kept feeling I could "hear" my uncle saying "Wow! I didn’t know I was that important!" I had a reading with Nancy a couple weeks later.  She told me my uncle wanted me to know that he really liked the procession, and he kept telling Nancy to tell me that "he didn’t know he was that important."

Last month my cousin died unexpectedly. Nancy was able to give me details about what happened before he died and at the time of death. The details were consistent with what was found at the scene. Nancy knew that something inside of my cousin "erupted", that he had wandered from room to room, bumping into things, jotting down notes, and leaving trails of blood in the different rooms. Through Nancy, I was able to talk to my cousin on the other side, and to know that my mom and other family members are there with him. It was an incredible comfort to know this. During the reading I asked about other things coming up in my life. Nancy told me that my mom is very excited for me regarding upcoming events. I asked if my mom had a message for me, and Nancy said, "Well that’s a strange message. She said she’s a hoopin and a hollerin." I called my aunt, and found out this is a phrase that my mom’s grandmother used to use, and that my mom sometimes used too, that they're "a hoopin and a hollerin."

It is because of Nancy that I know, for a certainty, that the spirit world exists. I know that our time here on earth is just an interval, and that we are all together again someday on the spirit side. I cannot put into words the relief that it has brought me, the peace it has brought, to know this. I am writing this testimonial now with the hope that I can help get the word out so that others can find the same comfort that I have found in that knowledge. I have had many difficult times in my life since that first reading in 2002, and the certainty of the existence of the spirit world has helped me to maintain my perspective and to get through the hard times. Words cannot express the difference that Nancy has made in my life. I will always be grateful for finding her, and I hope that others will find her and experience the same comfort that I have.

Sincerely,  Ms. Cassandra,  Central California 2008
The Town That Wouldn’t Die

Oh boy, you are finally here.  You’ve waited months to be on vacation and what a fun trip, imagine visiting one of the most famous towns of the old west - Tombstone!  You go to each shop, looking and searching for the ultimate souvenir.  But, in the back of your brain a catching slogan has been playing over and over, “the town too tough to die”.  Yes, that word “die” as in ghosts. What you really want to do, is see the old haunts of the famous lawmen, where they died and the infamous “Boot Hill”.  Secretly, you really don’t want to tell your family, that you really want, maybe - just maybe to see a “GHOST!”  You are remembering the television show where the “ghost busters” traveled to Tombstone and investigated one of the many bar/brothels that made this town infamous.  And THEY saw something!

You talk the family into visiting that bar/brothel.  You lead them in, as if in protecting them from the unseen gunslingers that might have their guns pulled or mulling over that last whiskey of the night.   Your eyes bounce around the room, “yep, they are here.”  You are secretly hoping to catch something out of the corner of your eyes.

Now this behavior is not normal for you.  Somewhere inside you, you’ve become a kid again, hoping to be scared!  Hoping to be able to see the ultimate seeing, a Ghost in Tombstone, “The town too tough to die!” 

Line up for the bar/brothel tour and pay the fee.  Watch your family line past and ahead of you, ushering them into the unknown.  This time you know something could happen: you go in last.  Musty smell, really old stuff, the tour guide talks, someone giggles, someone says, “I’m scared in here.”  Your arm hairs stand up on end and you quickly look in her direction.  Quickly look up and down - where were they looking?  Again, don’t want to look too excited or too scared; don’t want kids to see their Dad look uneasy. 

Strange feeling of being watched, looked over.  You look in the direction of that far wall, knowing no one is there “at least not in flesh.”  How do the citizens live here all year knowing there are ghosts about?  Ignoring them? Letting tourists be the ghosts’ torments?

Yep, there it was.  On the staircase – a woman - misty shadow of a woman - can’t see all of her.  Do you yell out – keep looking – you can’t look away.  Your heart rate increasing, but you have a smile on your face, “wow, what a sight – what a memory”.

Kids look in your direction of sight, your boy shouts, “What’s that!”  Shadow disappears.  Your only proof, your boy did see something.   Lots of noise, more giggles, more whispers.  Tour guide confirms there is something of a story about, “the lady on the stairs.”  “Wow, no longer a story for me,” you think.  You really wanted to see Wyatt walk in with guns pulled a full-fledged ghost, but a lady on the stairs that you really did see is good enough.  You’ve got the proof - the town really did not die.
Story was told to Nancy by a tourist in Tombstone AZ - Bird Cage Theatre
Grandpa Zed

The first time I met Nancy Matz was at the Spirit of Grace church.  The church was located in Citrus Heights on Auburn Blvd., directly across from the Sylvan Cemetary.  Someone had told me about the Spiritualist Church so I happen to attend this particular night.  It was a message circle with Nancy Matz.

Nancy was answering a question asked by the woman sitting next to me.  A friend of hers had committed suicide, I remember, and Nancy was talking about what happens to the spirit in different cases.  Her conversation didn’t really stick with me, but what happened next will be with me forever. 

Because the conversation between them made me start thinking about my grandfather who had died a few years before, I was reexamining all the questions his death caused me to ask.  Did he know I was there with him before his spirit left?  Was he afraid?  Did it hurt him or did he go easily? 

Out of the blue, Nancy looked at me and said “Do you have a question for your grandfather?”  It shocked me!  But, I said “yes, I do”.  She started to describe how he presented to her for recognition.  She said “I see a short man with stubble on his face”.  She asked me if he was a domineering man because he said something about having a “hold on me”.  And, when I asked her if he went easily, she said “I’ve never heard it described exactly like this, but he said “It was just like slipping into a nice warm bath”. 

Now the significance of all three of those statements.  The stubble:  The night my grandpa died, I was going to give him a shave.  But I was so tired, I asked him if he minded me doing it tomorrow.  He said “Oh sure! That will be fine”.  Well there was no tomorrow, and the fact that he died with whiskers and the mortician had to shave him always made me sad.  It was something that no one knew bothered me, but it had.  So for him to present that way, was such a remarkable sign.  The “Hold on Me”:  Whenever my grandpa and I went anywhere,  we would interlace arms so there was a firm grip in case he slipped or stumbled.  He would always laugh and say “Look! She’s got the hold on me!!” He thought that was so funny.  Again, a very personal and significant memory just between  my grandfather and I.  The “Felt like I was slipping into a nice warm bath” comment.  Most elderly people end up taking showers for the remainder of their lives because it’s easier to get in and out of than a bath.  But, there is really nothing that feels better than slipping into a nice, warm bath.  And, I would always fill the tub with warm water and help my grandpa lower himself down into the tub and then lift him out, so he could soak in the bath.  He LOVED it! 

There couldn’t have been three more convincing signs that it was my grandfather talking to me!  It was so overwhelming that I had to go outside to compose myself.  I walked out the front door of the church and looked up and realized that he was buried right across the street, in Sylvan Cemetary.

I’ve been a true believer in Nancy and her abilities ever since.  That was in 1990.  And, whenever I’ve had serious issues to deal with, she’s the one I call. 

Vicki Stromlund
April 22, 2007
Grandfather’s Name:  James “Zeddic” (Zed) Linebarger
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Lori
Date: Jan 7, 2009 2:37 PM

Hi Nancy,

I am just amazed on your timing.

Just last night, I woke up crying at 2:30 am and couldn't stop thinking about her. When I went back to bed, I could almost hear her talking to me.

She was saying that her death was instant. That it was done before she even knew what had happened. That my grandmother was there and took her away immediately and she didn't even see her herself or what she had done.

She also brought you up. She said that you were right about everything that you had said and that I should go back and listen to the tapes again.

She also said that she was with family. Some of this family  I didn't even know but have been there for me guiding me and protecting me my entire life.

She said that she regretted what she did and how she did it. She has accepted this and is doing work that needs to be done on the other side. She also said that the blue light I have seen numerous times since her death is her checking up on me.

I really feel that this was her commincating with me and not just thoughts that I was thinking although there are times that I thought that maybe this was just my wishful thinking.

But anyway, how amazing is it that you would contact me just a few hours later.

I really do appreciate everything that you have done for me especially that week when she died. I don't know how I would have made it through it any other way.

I also wish you a Happy and Fruitful New Year and will be contacting you soon.

Thanks again, Nancy!


----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Nancy Matz Psychic
Date: Jan 7, 2009 8:42 AM

You've been in my thoughts. 
Last weekend I talked to a family who lost a 14 year old son a month ago. 
Your family and others have made a great impact also on my life.  I encourage my clients to live-laugh-love more fully, and to never take for granted our families. 
I want to wish you the best 2009 that is possible and hope "your daughter 'A' has made her presence known to you.
A hug to you,