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As a Psychic/Medium Professional this site (and upcoming book) was created after 25 years of giving Mediumship Assistance to those of you who were dealing with your Grief, the Dying and Death of a Loved One.
Proof of Soul Survival has also been my quest since having Cancer in 1987. Giving you peace of mind of your Loved One's Survival has given me the proof I was also looking for, "to better understand the Meaning for Life and Survival!"
This site is dedicated to calming the grieving hearts of those seeking answers from our most beloved deceased.

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Three books, "Ghosts Should We Be Afraid?" "Are You Being Haunted?" and "Your Proof for Soul Survival" are in the works together.
I will be returning 2016
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On the Contact Page, I have listed other books and lecture cassettes to help you on your personal journey in Love, Life and Enlightenment.
This new site will also cover many types of questions we all ask:
What we know, what we fear, facing our own mortality and survival after physical death.
As you live your life, accepting the passing of loved ones, with a loving knowing of their survival.
Along with these questions read the amazing stories of real people dealing with personal loss and acceptance.
In this site's Testimonials, you can read the amazing story of "Cassie" and the five years that I have assisted her and her family dealing with Loss and Dying. The day Cassie's life changed when she received Proof from her "Mom" of her survival.
My Client E-Mail Testimonials are just are only a partial list to the people who have called or written me of their amazement at the realization to the Proof of Soul Survival.
Topics covered in this site are selected chapters from my upcoming book of same title.  Some topics not covered in this web site, Drawings of Portals, Coma Patients Drawings, and
Spirit and Ghost Drawings.


The Continuity of Life: Does Life Continue After the Change called Death?

A Spirits View of the Afterlife, "Brilliant - Golden light with a hint of Pink"
The Story of Jason, "Susan's Son Is Dead"
Susan's Nephew Michael Dies Three Months Later
Pat's Dying Daughter Shows Me the "Portal"
Pat's Sister is Murdered - Movie "Heaven Can Wait"
Pat's Daughter's Fiance' is killed
How the Death Experiencer Steps into Spirit Land
Lecture and Illustrations of Process
Life's Closures - many stages
Newly Spirited People Keep all their Personality, stories
Psychic/Mediumship Readings - all the stories
Asking for a Session from Me
Talking to our Angels, accepting guidance
Techniques for better communication
To What Extent is our Life Planned
Our Understanding of the "True Universe"
Astral Travel, Out-of-Body and Near Death Experiences, stories
We often will learn through the experiences of others.
Albert Taylor, Raymond Moody, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Goldberg
When do we accept "the Proof"
How have these experiences changed your Life?
Your Personal Challenges?
How will You Live and Experience the Rest of Your Life
As You Live Life, Is How You'll Live as a Spirit Person - Movie "Judging Your Life"
Experiencing Expanded Human Interest as a Spirit
Understanding the "Dark" side of Spirit Experiences - "The Unquiet Dead"
Awakening the Soul to move from the Darkness to the Light -
Great Example - Movie "What Dreams May Come"
Spirit and Ghost Drawings and Other Great Link
A Short Bio and an Invite

After the trauma of Cancer in 1987 followed by a Divorce after 21 years of Marriage in 1988, in 1990 I started a personal quest for the reason for Life. I pledged to God, "allow me to continue good health from cancer, and I will work for you the rest of my Life."

May 4, 1990, in a Spiritualist Church in Citrus Heights I witnessed Psychic/Mediumship Readings. That evening I recognized my destiny and was acknowledged as a Psychic. In February 1992 I became a Spiritualist Minister, Church of the Living God of Sedona Arizona. April 1994 I left a 24-year career with Pacific Bell, Engineering Supervisor to pursue this new life passion.
Hospice Trained by Kaiser Hospital in Roseville California and Hospice Trained by First Call of Rancho Cordova California, has given me special insight to those of you dealing with Death and Dying.
If you desire psychic clarity with your personal life issues, or have a "spirit" in your home or dealing with a personal loss, I invite you to please go to my "Request a Reading" Page for info on how to connect with me.
I Have a Talk Show
Two Worlds: Developing Your Psychic Skills
Included is short bio of author Nancy Matz, her bout with Cancer and her pledge to God to do his work. Easy to read, pictures to explain psychic & time exploration, spirit drawings, paradox of free will vs. forecasting future, psychic time/distance readings, meeting of spirit woman and her connection to recent past-life regression.
To order this book or her other book, videos or cassettes to assist you on your personal spiritual quest please go to "Contact"  
This site will always be under construction, please come back to check on updates!  Nancy
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NEW!!!  Great Ghost Photo! This is how I see some Spirit Forms
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Dear Nancy,

I love the "from my lips to God's ears" - never heard that one before but think it is something so positive to say to others!!

I had such a major perspective shift from your reading - I think I mentioned it in my envelop to you - but I'm going to say it here:   Since my NDE and over several years trying to understand it, make peace with it and see how I would share it, I have held the NDE from the perspective of the Death aspect of it and of course, during this long rehab process and all of the pain would cause me to hold it in that view.  BUT I now see the importance of the NDE is all about the Light experience I had - and that is the
experience to share with people - it is the light, love and bliss of separation from the physical body.  That the immortal soul experiences and that is what one goes to when they separate and transition.   It is truly joyous to go to the other side and that part of us that fears it, is the perspective to hopefully cause in others a shift.

So, thank you so much for the work you do.  Please know it makes a huge difference in my life and I have no doubt in others.

Many blessings and much light, from my lips to God's ears for you,
"Ara.... Bay Area, CA
   In April of 2009 my mother passed away and I didn't come to you for a reading at that time because she was always so against my having readings with you.  She was positive that I was not communicating with my father.  I decided nothing would come of trying to hear from  her.    Months later after receiving a notice of your Radio Talk Show, out of the blue, I decided to tune into your show.    You can imagine my shock when I sat here listening to my mother, appearing before you, telling me to pick up the phone and call in.   I was so shocked  I could barely talk.  It was wonderful to have her tell me it was true, that she and my dad were together again and so very happy.
   Recently  I had a falling out with my daughter and I suddenly felt so lost.  I sat alone talking to my mother asking her to Please find a way to let me know she was there for me.  I  needed her so badly.      The very next morning I received a phone call from you stating that I was on your mind and you wanted to know if everything was alright.     Goose bumps came rushing up my neck as I realized that she had chosen you to go through again to let me know that indeed  she had heard me and was there for me with her love.
E. Phoenix AZ  12-2-10
For the Love of our Pets, this BTR (5-26-11) show I talked about Pet Spirits and their lives with us after death.  Second half of show I talked about Remote Viewing.